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Town of Canmore Water and Wastewater Service Agreement with the Municipal District of Bighorn for the Hamlet of Dead Man’s Flat, AUC Decision 25890-D01-2020

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Rates – Water Services

In this decision, the AUC approved the application from the Town of Canmore (“Canmore”) for approval of a potable water and wastewater service agreement between Canmore and the Municipal District of Bighorn (“Bighorn”), for the hamlet of Dead Man’s Flats (“Hamlet”).

Introduction and Background

The proposed service agreement would be for an initial term of five years, to be renewed automatically, upon AUC approval, for an additional period of approximately 45 years, expiring March 31, 2070.

Canmore stated that the new service agreement was approved by an inter-municipal committee made up of elected officials from both Canmore and Bighorn, and had been executed on April 1, 2020, after being approved by both councils.

The service agreement would establish that utility rates for water services would be determined on a cost of service basis, in accordance with the guiding principles approved by Canmore Council and subject to Section 2 of the Public Utilities Act, and the requirement that rates charged or proposed to be charged must be just and reasonable.

As it was outside the AUC’s jurisdiction, the AUC noted it would not be making any findings in this decision concerning wastewater.

AUC Findings

Based on its review and considering the approval by the inter-municipal committee and both councils, the AUC found that the water and wastewater service agreement between Canmore and Bighorn was necessary and proper for public convenience and properly conserved the public interest. Accordingly, the AUC approved the water and wastewater service agreement, as filed.

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