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AUC Moves to Reduce Regulatory Burden and Improve Efficiency with Rule Amendments, AUC Bulletin 2020-36

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The AUC has proposed amendments to Rule 003: Service Standards for Energy Service Providers that would:

  • Remove the requirement to submit call center and billing performance data;

  • Remove the requirement to submit customer satisfaction data;

  • Remove the quarterly reporting requirements; and

  • Focus and streamline the reporting requirements on the performance of regulated service providers through three types of reporting requirements:

(1) Annual performance reports: restructured to remove prescriptive reporting requirements to allow regulated service providers the discretion to report how their customer care and billing operations and processes are structured to align with their customers’ expectations of service quality;

(2) Unexpected event reports; and

(3) Material change reports.

Among the reasons for the removal of these reporting requirements is the introduction of Rule 032: Specified Penalties, in 2019. Rule 032 provides the AUC with the ability to address billing-related matters in particular, and customer experience matters in general, in a more efficient and timely manner than the reporting under Rule 003 is able to.

The Commission’s review of Rule 003 will consist of a stakeholder consultation involving a written process.

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