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Neyaskweyahk Sundancer Solar Project, AUC Decision 25626-D01-2020

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Small Scale Generation Regulation – Community Generating Unit

In this decision, the AUC approved an application from Neyaskweyahk Sundancer LP (“Neyaskweyahk”) to qualify the 0.99-megawatt (“MW”) Neyaskweyahk Sundancer Solar Project (“the Project”) as a community generating unit.


Neyaskweyahk filed an application with the AUC for approval to qualify the Project as a community generating unit, pursuant to Section 3 of the Small Scale Generation Regulation.

A notice of application was not issued, and a hearing was not required as the AUC considered, that the decision on the qualification of the project as a community generating unit would not directly and adversely affect the rights of a person pursuant to Section 9 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act.

Neyaskweyahk provided invoices totalling $55,925.00 for Rodan Energy Solutions to supply and install the revenue metering system, and $13,530.22 for Blue Mountain Power Co-op to supply and install the primary meter pole and associated equipment.

In response to an information request from the AUC, Neyaskweyahk clarified that it had not yet completed noise impact analyses (“NIA”) for the project as it was contemplating a Phase 2 expansion of the project, which would increase the total capacity of the project beyond one MW and require an application under Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations and Hydro Developments, including a complete NIA. Neyaskweyahk submitted that a NIA would be conducted in support of the Rule 007 application for the Phase 2 expansion, and that this NIA would also verify noise compliance of the existing Phase 1 project.


Neyaskweyahk filed its application in the form established by the AUC and included a community benefits statement with its application as required. The Project is owned by Ermineskin Cree Nation through a wholly owned subsidiary. Ermineskin Cree Nation is a community group as defined in Subsection 1(e) of the Small Scale Generation Regulation. The application was found to satisfy the requirements of the Small Scale Generation Regulation.

After subtracting the costs to install and commission the metering system, the AUC determined that the cost to purchase the meter was $61,782.10.

The AUC accepted Neyaskweyahk’s submission that the Project’s noise levels were very low, and likely comply with permissible sound levels set out in Rule 012. The AUC expected Neyaskweyahk to file a NIA in accordance with Rule 012 in its future Phase 2 application, which would address noise compliance of the entire project.

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Small Scale Generation Regulation, the AUC qualified the Neyaskweyahk Sundancer Solar Project as a community generating unit.

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