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AUC Announcement: Regulatory Burden Stakeholder Consultation

Regulatory – Stakeholder Consultation

AUC regulation, as with most forms of regulation, imposes costs on regulated companies. These include the costs of meeting regulatory process requirements and the administrative costs of running the agency, most of which are ultimately borne by consumers.

The Alberta government passed the Red Tape Reduction Act with the objective of reducing regulatory burden to enhance economic growth, innovation, competitiveness and investment in Alberta businesses.

The AUC indicated it is interested in consulting broadly with stakeholders to explore ways to further reduce regulatory burden. Key areas of focus for the consultation include AUC rules or procedural steps that may have become outdated or unnecessary, and opportunities to streamline and improve regulation and adjudication processes.

As part of its consultation, the AUC indicated it would host a roundtable on October 4, 2019 in its Calgary office to discuss comments received.

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