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AUC Announcement: Consultation Tool Launched April 22, 2019

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AUC Engage

The AUC launched a new consultation tool called “AUC Engage” on April 22, 2019. The Engage tool allows participants to log in and participate in discussions regarding AUC rules and potential changes to the requirements and processes that shape application and technical regulatory requirements. This tool replaced the “Rule-related consultations” link found on the AUC website and will supersede Discussion Communities in the eFiling System. All rule-related consultation documents are accessible under the “Regulatory Documents” dropdown list on the AUC website.

AUC staff will initiate discussions in the forum by topic, and participants will be able to converse and provide their comments or proposed changes to rules in upcoming consultations. Observers and participants can also receive email notifications of discussion updates.

Participants in this forum will be able to provide AUC staff with suggestions about recommended changes to improve and modernize rules considered by the AUC as part of its ongoing consultation processes.

Participants interested in AUC rule-related consultations can register through AUC Engage, which is accessible through the AUC website by clicking “Register now.” Participants may request to have access to all consultations or specific consultations on the main page of the AUC Engage website or on each consultation page.

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