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AER Bulletin 2019-06: Amended Requirements in Directive 036 for the Certification and Storage of Blowout Preventers

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Drilling Blowout Prevention

In this bulletin, the AER announced the release of a new edition of Directive 036: Drilling Blowout Prevention Requirements and Procedures.

Section 1.7 defines blowout preventers, drill-through spools, drill-through adapter flanges, flexible bleed-off and kill-line hoses, ram blocks, and carriers as drill-through equipment.

Appendix 5 contains amended and new requirements for this equipment. The allowable duration for storage was increased, and minimum storage and document requirements were set out.

Appendix 5 also applies to blowout preventers for well servicing operations covered under Directive 037: Service Rig Inspection Manual.

Directive 036 is available on the AER website.

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