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TransCanada Energy Ltd. Application Requesting Release from Direction in Decision 23349-D01-2018 (AUC Decision 24826-D01-2019)

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Release from Direction

In this decision, the AUC released TransCanada Energy Ltd. (“TC”) from the AUC’s direction in Decision 23394-D01-2018. This direction required TC to advise the AUC if Express Pipeline Ltd. (“Express”) ceased to receive electricity services from the Wildhorse Line.


On April 30, 1998, the AUC predecessor, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board issued Order U98075. This Order granted TC’s application for the Wildhorse Line to be exempt from the definition of “electric utility”.

On August 22, 2019, TC and Express filed a joint letter with the AUC informing the AUC of their asset purchase and sale agreement. In the asset purchase and sale agreement, TC agreed to sell its 69-kilovolt electric power transmission line, the Wildhorse Line, to Express.

Commission Findings

The AUC recognized that following the sale of the Wildhorse Line, TC will no longer be the owner of the facilities subject to Order U98075 and will have no knowledge of whether Express is receiving electricity services from the Wildhorse Line. Therefore, the AUC released TC from the AUC’s direction in Decision 233094-D01-2018.

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