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NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. Application for Approval of Amendments to the NGTL Gas Transportation Tariff Temporary Service Protocol (CER Decision on RH-002-2019)

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Gas – Transportation Tariff – Temporary Service Protocol

In this decision, the CER considered an application (the “Application”) by NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (“NGTL”) with the CER’s predecessor, the National Energy Board (“NEB”), for amendments to the NGTL tariff to incorporate a Temporary Service Protocol. Under the Temporary Service Protocol, NGTL requested that IT-R and FT-R upstream of a constraint on the NGTL System be curtailed before IT-D or IT-S injections at East Gate, under certain system conditions. In simple terms, NGTL proposed that downstream throughput be sourced by giving priority to downstream supply, over upstream supply, under certain system conditions. The Temporary Service Protocol would achieve this by giving priority service to interruptible downstream gas supply services over firm and interruptible upstream gas supply services.

The CER approved the Application as filed and ordered that tolls may be charged in accordance with the amended tariff, effective September 30, 2019. The CER stated that its reasons for the decision would follow. The CER indicated it released the decision in advance of the reasons in response to the requests from NGTL and other parties for an expedited decision.

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