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Consultation on the Issues of Power Plant Self-Supply and Export (AUC Bulletin 2019-16)

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Consultation – Power Plant Self-Supply

The AUC concluded that Alberta legislation limits the circumstances under which the owner of a generating unit can consume electricity produced from that unit and export the electricity produced by that generating unit for exchange through the power pool. Two circumstances are:

(a)      Industrial systems designated under section 4 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act.

(b)      A class of small generators under the Micro-generation Regulation.

Outside these exemptions, owners of generating units are prohibited from using that unit to supply on-site load and export electricity generated by that unit for exchange through the power pool.

The AUC indicated it recognizes the legislation was enacted prior to the recent increase in distributed generation and the availability of economic, small-scale generating units. The AUC also acknowledged it has no authority to amend the statutory scheme. However, it can seek feedback on potential amendments to the statutory scheme which it can share with the Department of Energy. The AUC indicated it would therefore be seeking feedback regarding whether, in the future, self-supply and export under the statutory scheme should remain the same, be allowed subject to limitations, or be allowed with no limitations.

The AUC set a deadline of October 11, 2019, for stakeholder comments.

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