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AER Bulletin 2018-29: New Edition of Directive 020: Well Abandonment

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Directive 020 – Well Abandonment

In this bulletin, the AER announced the release of the new edition of Directive 020: Well Abandonment.

The new edition gives licensees more options when determining the depth at which to set isolation devices when abandoning lower-risk injection or disposal wells and producing wells with an H2S concentration of less than 15 percent.
Licensees may either set the plug within 15 metres above the perforations, single-zone open-hole interval, and liner top or choose a depth that meets the following criteria:

  • the depth is within the same formation as the completed interval or within the next formation, provided there are no other effective porous zones located between the bridge plug setting depth and completed interval;

  • the cement top behind the casing extends above the top of the formation in which the isolation device will be set; and

  • the depth is below the base of groundwater protection.

No other requirements were changed.

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